Call for Collaboration with institutions in Mauritius under Erasmus Mundus programme

The Ministry of Tertiary Education, Science, Research and Technology of Mauritius conveys its greetings to you.

2.    This Ministry was created in May 2010 by Government to give a new thrust to the development of the knowledge sector in Mauritius.

3.    The Ministry is pleased to inform Erasmus Mundus National Structures of its wish, in the light of the current expansion of the knowledge sector in Mauritius, to encourage the setting up of linkages between public institutions in Mauritius and Universities in Europe through the Erasmus Mundus programme. This is an initiative to open up the Mauritian tertiary education system to international partnerships.

4.    The Tertiary Education Sector in Mauritius has evolved considerably over the past few years, both in terms of the number of institutions and programmes offered, as well as increasing the number of students enrolled. There are presently some 64 tertiary education institutions operating in Mauritius - 11 are publicly funded, including 2 public universities, and 53 private institutions. 66 external awarding bodies are also present locally.

5.    Some 700 programmes are being run locally in 2010/11, compared with 660 a year earlier, of which about 40% are offered on a full-time basis. The publicly-funded institutions offer some 400 programmes and private/distance education providers, 300 programmes. About 1 out of 4 was at Postgraduate level and 49% at Degree level.

6.    There has been a sustained increased in tertiary education enrollment during the past 10 years. The Gross Tertiary Enrolment Rate (GTER), which is the ratio of the total number of students pursuing tertiary education to the population aged 20 to 24 years, increased from 15% in 2000 to 45.1% in 2010.

7.    The linkages that the Ministry would wish to encourage with overseas institutions through the Erasmus Mundus programme would include, inter-alia:

•    Programme Exchange;
•    Student Exchange;
•    Semester in Mauritius Exchange through credit transfer;
•    Research collaborations.

8.    The Ministry would appreciate if you could kindly disseminate this call for collaboration under the Eramus Mundus programme to the relevant tertiary institutions falling under your aegis. The Mauritian public institutions which are interested with potential collaboration are listed below:

1.    The University of Mauritius
Réduit, Mauritius
Tel:    230 4037400
Fax:    230 4549642
Email:    registrar@uom.ac.mu
Website: http://uom.ac.mu

2.    The University of Technology, Mauritius
La Tour Koenig,
Pointe aux Sables, Mauritius
Tel: 230 2347624
Fax: 230 2346727
Email: registrar@umail.utm.ac.mu
Website: http://utm.ac.mu

3.    The Mahatma Gandhi Institute
Tel: 230 4032000
Fax: 230 4331277
Email: vkoonjal@intnet.mu
Website: http://www.mgirti.org

4.    The Mauritius College of the Air
Réduit, Mauritius
Tel: 230 4038200
Fax: 230 4648854
Email: mca@mca.ac.mu
Website: http://www.mca.ac.mu

9.    We are hopeful¬ that European institutions will take this opportunity to engage into collaboration with Mauritian public institutions through the possibilities offered by the Erasmus Mundus platform. If there is any additional information that you, or any European institution requires, do not hesitate to also contact the Mauritian institutions concerned, or our “Study Mauritius” office at studymauritius@mail.gov.mu.

Thanking you and looking forward to future collaborations being established between Mauritian Tertiary Institutions and European Universities under the Erasmus Mundus Programme,

Yours faithfully,

Mr R Auckbur
for Permanent Secretary