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Since 2009 we are working within two research projects (not financed), with the aim of knowing the propensity of academics to migrate abroad.

Today, we submit a study project PEAR "The Productivity of European Academic Researchers in relation to their  well -being at work and to their propensity to  emigrate abroad" (also not funded) to the attention of the universities of EU27, which aims to measure and map the academic productivity related well being at work and the propensity to migrate from Country or State where you work.

In order to achieve this objective, should be given a questionnaire to scientific community of Your university.

In particular, we ask You to authorize the dissemination of this message through your services to the main list of your university (any level researchers), invite Your academics to respond to the questionnaire filled out online by clicking on the link below:


All responses will remain confidential and  will be used exclusively for research purposes . All information given  will be treated according to the law DL No 196/2003 on privacy.

Will be our pleasure, when it was of interest to you (to be specified in your letter of acceptance of this), report the aggregate results of Your university (in privacy).

We hope to receive your assent and your authorization at for present email, we are ready and grateful for you will make.

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